with Radasi and Yorgos Aryavrat

An authentic experience of the ancient and traditional practices of Yoga & Tantra. 

Immerse in a unique tantra and yoga retreat, brought in this format for the first time in the Czech Republic.

This retreat invites you to take part in a traditional tantric sadhana (focused spiritual practice) to discover the profound effects that these practices have on your body-mind system, vital life force, and your overall life purpose. 

Guided by Yorgos and Radasi Aryavrat from Greece, who are senior teachers in an Indian traditional tantra lineage with a combined experience of 60 years in yoga and spiritual practices.

The unique aspect of this retreat is your participation in a traditional tantric sadhana dedicated to Shiva, renowned as our deepest conscious essence. To awaken this potential we use mantra, the creation of a living yantra, and fire yagna. This offers you an authentic spiritual experience that is rare to access in our destinations. These ancient tools of Tantra awaken the divine energy that already exists within you.

The retreat also offers an in-depth experience with traditionally taught yogic and tantric practices that include tantra-themed yoga classes, tantric and Yogic philosophy, pranayama breathing techniques, guided meditation, yoga nidra, devotional singing and rituals such as Aarti.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to yoga and tantra, the retreat is a profound opportunity to ignite spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Highlights of the retreat

  • Study with Radasi and Yorgos who have been practicing yoga and tantra for over 27 years each.
  • Traditional tantra sadhana works to purify and enhance your energy system, which will positively affect your overall well-being.
  • Experience Yoga & Tantra teachings in their pure authentic form
  • Private forest cottage built in a traditional Czech style surrounded by forest allows you to intimately connect with nature and immerse into the practices without any outer disturbances
  • Feel the support of caring experienced teachers and a safe space to help you go beyond your limitations
  • Receive ongoing support and practices after the retreat – individual mantra practice empowered by the traditional lineage
  • Enjoy healthy food prepared by a private chef and the company of like-minded practitioners
Meet your teachers

Ra Lalita Dasi has been practicing Yoga for over 27 years, she is part of a Traditional Indian Tantra Lineage and receives direct guidance from her Guru, Guruji RajKumar Baswar.

As Satya Loka School’s founder, she continuously teaches with a commitment to spreading true, authentic tantra and yoga. 

Radasi’s deepest passion is to live immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual. 

From the early age of seventeen, Yorgos Aryavrat began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. He has always been interested in experiencing spirituality directly, rather than an intellectual understanding. He was initiated into the Kriya Yoga lineage and practice.

Together, Radasi and Yorgos teach within the school Satya Loka, and guide countless people in Europe and India, with the ongoing mantra sadhana and authentic Yoga. They are dedicated to preserving the purity and less-known practices of Tantra. They are initiated to offer beginner to advanced levels in Tantra and Yoga, teaching mostly from the right-hand practices of Tantra, using ancient tools such as Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Yoga and Kriya, infused with devotion and a down-to-earth friendly approach.

Mayka Dolejš serves as a supporting teacher and organizer of the retreat. Out of her passion and dedication to authentic traditional yoga, she has been practising for over 12 years. She received more than 700 hours of training abroad, with the latest and most profound being the Yogini teacher training with Radasi in Greece. She considers yoga to be an all-encompassing transformational holistic system of well-being through which one can cultivate a healthy, conscious and meaningful life. Mayka shares hatha/tantra yoga practice regularly in Prague, organizes self-discovery events and is involved in the popularisation of functional food and ritual cacao.


(final version to be confirmed closer to the retreat)


6.30am – Tantra-themed yoga class

7.45am – Mantra Sadhana Meditation

9.00am – Breakfast

10.30am – Yantra creation/Mantra/Philosophy

1.00pm – Lunch & break for rest and walk

3.00pm – Mantra Sadhana Meditation

5.00pm – Yagna/Devotional activities

7.00pm – Dinner & free/creative/sharing time


The cottage ´Chalupa Podhora´ is located in natural surroundings in the central Czech Republic in the Chrudim district near the town Luže, some 2 hours of driving from Prague. The nearest airport and central train station is Prague.

Buses and trains are available to get from Prague to the town Luže from where we will pick you up by car. More information will be sent upon booking.

The retreat is limited up to 13 participants.

There are 3 spacious shared rooms (3, 4 and 6 beds per room) with beautiful traditional furnishing and 2 big bathrooms. Please note that there is no option for a single accommodation. As this is a focused sadhana retreat, we will ensure there is enough silence and respect towards individual needs for introspection.

We will have a private chef preparing sattvic vegetarian/vegan food in support of our sadhana. Please inform us about your dietary requirements upon registration.

The catering will start on Thursday with dinner, and will continue with a full board on Friday and Saturday, finishing on Sunday with lunch. We will welcome you with a cup of ceremonial cacao and you will also be offered fermented coconut delicacies for breakfast.


To book your place, fill up the REGISTRATION FORM.

You will receive an email with payment details.

Your registration will be confirmed after transferring the deposit or the full amount for the retreat. The full payment shall be completed by the end of April.


Deposit 4 000 Kč / 160 Eur

EARLY BIRD if you register until 29.2. 2024       8400 Kč / 340 Eur

REGULAR PRICE   9380 Kč / 380 Eur

The deposit is non-refundable. However, if you cancel your participation until the 31st of March, the deposit will be returned. After this date, the deposit will remain with the organizers.
The retreat will only happen with a minimum of 10 participants. The organizers have a right not to proceed with the retreat if this capacity is not fulfilled. If the retreat is cancelled from the organizers´ side, full payments will be returned.

Please note these costs mainly cover basic expenses. In line with the tradition, at the end of the retreat, you will be invited to make a donation of your choice for the school and the lineage (this is an anonymous donation of your choice that is offered as dakshina which also goes towards ongoing practice support after the retreat and other free offerings from the school)


A set of white clothes for sadhana, comfortable clothes for yoga, outdoor clothes including good shoes and a raincoat, clothes that are suitable for sitting around the fire

Bathroom towel

Yoga mat (if you cannot bring one please let us know)

Journal and anything you need to feel relaxed


For enquiries contact MAYKA:

Whatsapp: 00421 940 060 446


Satya means Truth and Loka means indwelling, home, abode or world.

Our school is dedicated to offering teachings and training that focus on the recognition of our true nature, and the inner union that naturally reveals itself through the practice. 

Satya Loka Centre of traditional Yoga and Tantra was founded in 2011. For two years the school offered solely Women’s teacher training under the co-founded school of Yogini Devi, in 2014 the school became established under the name Satya Loka.

Satya Loka offers teachings mainly in India, Greece and U.K. as well as online classes. The teachings are diverse and integral and as well as having women-only events, we offer most of our events to all genders.

We offer mainly 200hr and advanced 300hr teacher trainings, meditation retreats, advanced training retreats and guidance in traditional tantric sadhana. The teachers are renowned for offering ongoing support and free offerings, creating community and being an anchor of light in these times of change.

At Satya Loka School we have a humble intention to honour the purity and truth of traditional teachings. We have all studied with renowned teachers and masters, and through their grace, we endeavour to transmit the practices in a clear and digestible way.


Pro každodenní pití: 15-35 gramů na osobu
(na začátku doporučujeme menší dávku a postupně zvyšovat jak se budete s kakaem seznamovat)

Ceremoniální: 35-55 gramů na osobu

Čím méně kakaa, tím méně tekutiny:

15-35 gramů kakaa – na 200-250 ml tekutiny.

35-55 gramů – na 250-300 ml tekutiny.


Pro výraznou chuť a prožitek doporučujeme vodu. Pro zjemnění chuti oblíbené rostlinné mléko.

Kakao obsahuje zdravý tuk – kakaové máslo, není proto třeba přidávat nic dalšího. 

Možnosti dochucení: kardamom, skořice, chilli, zázvor, muškátový oříšek, hřebíček, sůl, med, javorový sirup, sirup z agáve, datle, arašídové máslo. (Úpřimně, my kakao pijeme zcela čisté).

Dávky kakaa závisí na individuálních potřebách, preferencích a zdravotním stavu každého člověka. Kakao můžete v menších množstvách přidávat také do smoothies, müsli, koláčů nebo jako topping.


  • Zvažte odpovídající množství kakaa na kuchyňské váze a pokrájejte na menší kousky nebo nastrouhejte
  • Ohřejte vodu nebo mléko na 60-70 stupňů (nebo i v chladnější verzi, není třeba přivádět kakao do varu)
  • Přidejte kakao
  • Míchejte, dokud se zcela nerozpustí, použijte míchadlo nebo vše rozmixujte do hladké konzistence (je možné kakao vařit i v thermomixu při větších množstvách, nebo změs teplé tekutiny a kakaa nejdřív rozmixovat v blendru a pak ohřát na požadovanou teplotu)
  • Dochucujte podle představivosti nebo nechte čisté 


Udělejte si z přípravy kakaa svůj denní léčivý rituál!

  • Zastavte se, nadechněte, vydechněte a zamyslete se nad záměrem, s jakým kakao připravujete.
  • Vytvořte si hezkou atmosféru, zapalte vonnou tyčinku, svíčku nebo si pusťte oblíbenou hudbu.
  • Je to vaše příležitost ponořit se na chvíli do sebe, nebo si udělat oslavu s rodinou a přáteli či sdílecí kruh pro vyjádření svých pocitů, prožitků, snů.
  • Kakao připravujte s úctou k danému okamžiku, k sobě i k rostlině.
  • Kakao popíjejte s vděčností a otevřeností, vychutnávejte si každý doušek, objevujte nové chuťové tóny a skryté příběhy (i ty v sobě).


Ať vám tahle medicína z prírody slouží ke zdraví, síle, propojení, tvořivosti, radosti a lásce!

Buďte opatrní a kakao konzumujte raději v menších dávkách jestli:

  • Jste alergičtí na čokoládu
  • Užíváte psychotropní léky
  • Užíváte léky na krevní tlak
  • Máte problémy se srdcem
  • Máte ledvinové kameny
  • Během těhotenství
  • Máte potíže se spánkem (kakao všeobecně nedoporučujeme pít před spaním)

Taneční vystoupení Žena je Změna

Krátká ukázka tanečního představení z choreografie Mirky Papajikovej o proměnlivosti přírody a jejího provázání s našimi životy.
Kompletní choreografie zobrazuje 12 podob přírody: 12 tváří a kvalit ženy. Představení vám pomůže zorientovat se v proměnách roku i svého vlastního života, podpoří všímavost a příjemně naladí.
Nejbližší celé představení můžete zahlédnout 31.05. od 19:30 v prostoru V-life, Praha

vítej v kruhu